Sunday, March 12, 2006

Having a baby? See your dentist!

If you're pregnant, you might not be thinking about your teeth and gums. But you should be.

Research has found that pregnant women with poor dental hygiene (who are more prone to periodontal disease) have a higher risk of going into premature labor or having babies with low birth weights...

Star-Gazette: Having a baby? See your dentist


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Blogger TheDentist said...

Thats interesting, and something that I hadn't heard before. It appears to be more evidence that your oral hygiene is a good indicator of your overall health. The evidence continues to mount. Unfortunately, many people with bad oral hygiene cannot afford to do anything about it. I see several others are offering either dental plans or dental insurance on your site, but I recommend this Dental Plans site above all. Great savings, great plans.

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Blogger garydrew01 said...

If such things are true then I must already go to Orange County Dentist and have myself checked-up.

11:38 PM  
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